Weddings @ Stubton Hall


A message from Claire at Stubton Hall

We are finally unfurling our wings at Stubton Hall and are starting up with weddings again. As you can imagine, we are longing to get back to doing what we do best.

May I please remind you that when we have an event on and guests onsite, we do not allow the walking of dogs in our grounds. The events from now until the 21st of June will be with small guest numbers, so even if you see relatively few cars parked at the Hall, please assume that there are guests on site.

Also the fireworks will start up again next weekend. The first firing will be on 31st May at 21:45. We are of course still with the fireworks company who is sympathetic to our location and the display should be as usual. The next fireworks display won’t be until August.

Here’s to hoping that we all return to normal.

Best wishes,