Village Hall Survey


Just had this survey drop through the door.  Titled, Stubton Village Hall Social & Management Committee Survey.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the electronic version.  My only comment, is I personally don’t wan’t outside seating.

Does anyone know the current make up of these committees, this is my best guess from a previous graphic?

Stubton Village Hall Social Club Management Committee

  • Lynn Crooks – Chair
  • Sally Key – Vice Chair
  • Rick Crooks – Secretary
  • Kate Davis – Treasurer
  • Joe Schaffarczyk – Bar Manager
  • Michael Trafford
  • Martin Stammers

Stubton Village Hall Management Committee

  • Cath Senior – Trustee & Acting Chair
  • Rick Crooks – Trustee & Secretary
  • Mike Libby – Trustee, Treasurer & Bookings
  • Dave Butler – Trustee
  • Martin Stammers – Trustee
  • Sally Key – Trustee