The Great British Clean Up

11-27 September 2020

Earlier this year we were blown away by the support from everyone – volunteers, local authorities, charities and businesses – for the Great British Spring Clean, which was due to take place from 20 March – 13 April.

With more than 680,000 volunteers promising to give us their time, the enthusiasm and excitement it generated exceeded all our expectations.

However, with our first priority to make sure everyone stayed safe and well, we postponed this year’s campaign due to Covid-19.

Now we are back and here’s how you can get involved and show support for our Great British September Clean:

  1. Organise a private clean-up with up to five other family and friends.
  2. Pledge to do your own individual clean-up, you can give as little as 15 minutes to the campaign.

If you’re in Wales or Scotland, please follow your Government’s guidance.

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