We haven’t lived in this village very long (nearly 3 years) and do not attend many organised functions. Obviously, Covid has not helped the situation.

Firstly, a huge thank you to the volunteers who manage the HUB as they do a fantastic job. Which I believe is formed from the defunct Social Committee and Village Hall committees and I also assume the Village Hall Trust stands alone.

The Parish Council website hosts the Stubton HUB (formerly Stubton Social Club) and Stubton Village Hall Management Committee documents. From this amalgamation it is difficult  to calculate the funding of the new HUB following the merger of the committees.

I can see a HUB document stating that in April 2021, the balance was £12,572.

If I have assumed incorrectly, would someone please enlighten me and I will make the appropriate amendments.

NB: I particularly like the original HUB newsletter, I hope it continues. See this link – CLICK.