All facilities that involve group gatherings have been suspended in Stubton, primarily:

There is a group of volunteers in the village who have made themselves available to help those that may need it.

This is the information from the e-mail (I have redacted their contact details (privacy concerns) unless I hear to the contrary.

Volunteers from the village, together with the Parish Council, are working together to provide support to anyone struggling with the impact of Coronavirus.Some may be in vulnerable groups and need to self-isolate, others may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information.

The types of support being considered include providing help with shopping, caring for pets, picking up prescriptions, finding information to help manage people’s concerns or just offering a friendly chat if you are feeling isolated.


  • Amanda Smith
  • Lynn Crooks
  • Julie Bratton
  • Mandie Moncaster
  • Cath Senior
  • Kate Davis
  • Martin Davis (Parish Council Representative0
  • Rick Crooks (Retired GP)

If you would like information, on an informal basis, regarding the virus and its potential impact on you, Rick, a retired GP, is happy to receive telephone calls. 

Please note that we will share this information with the volunteers for the duration of the support period. After the support period, all details will be shredded. 

Your circumstances may change so please do keep our contact details and update us if they do. Volunteers do need to know if you have been in contact with Coronavirus to ensure extra precautions, to protect all our residents, are taken.