Below is an extract from the Minutes of the February Parish Council Minutes. Couple of questions spring to light, who are the Speed Awareness Group apart from Mrs Smith and where is the full version of the paper as I don’t see it attached to the minutes?

10.2 Update from Community Speed Sub-committee (APPENDIX 2)

On behalf of the Speed Awareness Group, Mrs Smith presented a paper in précis form, the full version having been provided to the PC to be attached to their minutes.  She outlined the aims of the Group and their ideas on the way forward and on funding options.  Significantly she reported that in order to apply for funding from the SKDC Community Fund they would need, amongst other things, to become an autonomous group and not be a sub-committee of the PC, something that the PC would need to rule on. She also sought permission for their Chair to write to SKDC to highlight and clarify some other issues around traffic in the village.  She was asked by Cllr Davies to ensure that the proposed wheelie bin stickers do not contravene any SKDC rules on signage.  She also further explained, after a question from a resident, that each option had been carefully considered and chosen because of its value For money versus the effect it is likely to have in reducing speeding.  The PC was asked to support the Committee both in terms of direct funding, fund-raising and support of the proposed options.  The current estimate for the total funding required is in the region of £3350, although this may change as options are still being explored.


Cllr Crooks, having praised the high quality of the comprehensive report provided, moved the motion that the Speed Awareness Group become an autonomous group and that an initial grant of £110 be given. Both motions were seconded by Cllr Davis and agreed unanimously.