Roadside Rubbish Collection.

Glad to see village residents are collecting rubbish.

I was truly amazed at the rubbish, Max and I have collected on the 4 arterial roads into Stubton when we arrived (I know Max has continued this task while I’m away).

We have reported to SKDC numerous times to collect bags of rubbish and those from fly tipping events. I can wholeheartedly say SKDC do a great job of arranging collection. Max also asked SKDC for high-vis bags that we can fill rather than black bags which look like fly tipped bags.

Just a shame other villages don’t collect. The road South out of Claypole is a mess and Max & I said at some stage we would do that. I’ve tried to report the A17 and A1, but the authorities wash their hands on this. Maybe worth asking our Parish Council to help.

The sad part is that most items are either fly tipped or alcohol containers, especially cheap lager. The exception being on the Brandon Road were we collect over 25 Gin bottles.