Plan to keep a record of litter picking that we (Max & I) or others do on the four arterial roads into Stubton.

Brandon Road

We have collected three times in 5 months from Stubton Lodge to the village.

Last collection was on 18th November where we collected from Brownlows Cottage to Stubton.

I plan to complete the pick from Brownlows Cottage to Brandon next week. Consequently, if you see any black bags at the sign of the road, you will know why.

26 November 2019: The majority of Brandon Road collected. At one point bagged over 20 GIN bottles (SKDC informed for collection).

16 December 2019: Collected on this road (mainly at the Brandon end).

Fenton Road

Collected twice since July as far as the plantation. The last collection on 31 October was as far as Fenton, we left a black bag of rubbish and commercial tin at the Fenton Road sign. The yellow builders bag had been there for some time, we extracted other garden rubbish deposited at an earlier date (mainly old plant pots) and Margaret notified Waste Department at SKDC and they arranged collection.

16 December 2019: Collected

Clensely Lane

Collected the whole of Doddington Road and Clensey Lane (as far as Dry Doddington junction in early November). Margaret contacted the Waste Department at SKDC for the removal of waste in the Passing Point near the railway line and they arranged collection.

24 November 2019 – Collected litter again.

Claypole Road

Collected mid October (300 metres short of the railway crossing). Needs doing again. Margaret notified Waste Department at SKDC regarding the fly tipping in the hedge bottom on 29th November. We extracted it from the ditch for easier collection (domestic waste).

29 October 2019: Fly tipping reporting – Margaret has established contact with Environmental Waste who welcome her reports.

We plan to make sporadic forays onto what we think is the worst road every few months ad I will keep a better record for reference than that above.

24 November 2019: Collected two bags of rubbish (unfortunately ran out of space, so not all collected).

Doddington Lane

Litter picked on 22 November 2019 as far as: