Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Update – 5th June

Below is an extract from the Draft Minutes of the February PC Meeting

10.4. Queens Platinum Jubilee Update – Cllr Smith on the Hub Jubilee Committee’s plans. 

Cllr Smith is acting as liaison between the PC and the village Hall Hub who are arranging the Jubilee Street Party and he has no voting rights in their decision making.

The Platinum Jubilee street Party will be on 5th June 13.00-15.00 – St Martin’s Close will be cordoned off for safety. The day will mirror the Queen’s party which is on the same day…not a money making exercise. Around 90 residents will be catered for.

£2 ticket entry fee (children free). The Loyal toast to Her Majesty will be provided by the Hub.

Residents and family staying will be welcome at the event. The supply of alcohol consumed in the street is permissible since this will be a small event and alcohol will be provided but not sold. The Hall will be closed for bar sales but open for toilet facilities and bad weather venues. Music will stop by 23.00. A raffle is permitted providing the prize fund is less than £500. The bar may be open on Saturday with the concert in London on the big screen. Garden games to entertain all, especially children, a quiz and music, a Treasure Hunt on the Saturday in The Garth grounds, the ukulele group, a church service at some time during the weekend and sharing with other villages are all possibilities.

Catering – Chris Hudson wanted to thank the village for the support he has been given and will provide a hog roast freely which he will cook and carve. He has requested that a donation box be circulated during the event for voluntary sums to be donated to the Air Ambulance Charity.

Volunteers will make cakes etc to supplement the hog roast committee also discussed the Queen’s planting project during 2022, to plant trees throughout the country and the commonwealth.

  • The newly refurbished Village Hall will only be open for use of the facilities or used as a bad weather venue if necessary.
  • The bar is expected to be open on Saturday 4th June to show, live on the big screen, the QUEEN’S PARTY AT THE PALACE.
  • Other possibilities are:- Garden Games for children, a Treasure Hunt, a Raffle, a ukulele group and a church service at some point during the weekend.
  • Please contact a member of the Hub if you wish to donate cakes or nibbles to the party or help with this event in any way.

More details will be decided at the Next meeting 14th April 19.00.