Please find attached the comments made by Cllr Alexander Maughan & Cllr Penny Milnes at the Parish Council Meeting of 13 January 2021. I have outlined their comments regarding Council Tax in RED. Which is an inflation busting 4% rise, as we all await the formal letters from SKDC to confirm the rise before April 1st.

Also find below, the Stubton Parish Council response to the Precept.

Discussion was held re increasing the precept from £1200 to £1500. Cllr Crooks was in support of this commented there is no flexibility in the current arrangement with regard in particular to paying for Zoom, Clerks allowance and stipend and the purchase of computer equipment for council business. Cllr Davis thought the 25% increase was high. Cllrs Smith and Butler suggested a staged increase over 3 years with an increase of £100 to next January. This was moved via a majority vote.

An increase to £1500 was an excellent suggestion by Cllr Crooks, as the precept is exceptionally low for this village.

Nevertheless, good to see a rise of £100 per annum, divided amongst all parishoners this won’t break the bank.  I don’t know how many council tax payers there are in Stubton Parish, but for example if there were was 50 and for ease of maths, that’s  a rise of £2 per household per annum or 16p per month.

Furthermore, the clerk must have a modern laptop with backup facilities at his disposal that belongs to the Parish Council and is used for council business only. Thus recording all emails sent to it on an official device, just in case residents ask for a copy of e-mail chain as per ICO rulings.