Below is an extract from the out going clerk of 18 years, Gilly Wilson to residents of the village.

Overall the time given to the Clerk’s duties, annually, amounts to about 60 hours; some years it is much less, very occasionally it can be more than 60 hours .

The time spent doing the job comes in “peaks and troughs” in that for many weeks there is nothing to do.  However the time mounts up when preparing for a Parish Council meeting, attending the meeting and  typing up the Minutes and following through any actions following the meeting.

The Parish Council Audit is carried out annually and is very straightforward.

The Parish Council’s Precept (the money granted to it for its expenses by South Kesteven District Council and reviewed annually) is very small – currently £1,200 a year. 

If you are interested in becoming Clerk to the Council please contact Gilly Wilson for more details.