At the last Parish Council Meeting (February), it was suggested by a resident that grass should not be mown in May. See the extract below from the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting in February. It has to be said that it was only a suggestion and not an actual Agenda item and thus not voted by the Parish Council and therefore not policy.

A resident suggested that we as a village support the initiative mentioned in the SK bulletin of ‘no mowing in May’. The drop in the number of insects and creatures that rely on longer grass has led to this initiative, particularly the open areas, to encourage wild flower growth. The chair suggested that a ‘NO MOWING IN MAY’ sign be put up on each larger grass area, especially if we are being judged for the Best Kept Village Competition (BKVC). If the Council comes to mow the verges the signs would make it clear to follow our effort – the verges up the lanes could be only half or ¾ mowed with the back part near the hedge…or an area… left to grow longer. Householders are invited to join in.

We all understand the motivation for such an initiative, however I doubt the area of grass in this small village is irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. You must then ask, what happens in June, do we MOW or do we let it go wild? It’s something that once you start you can’t change your mind afterwards.

We all know wild flowers are needed, it maybe worth sowing wild flower seeds in areas that are already wilded, such as the grass verges that lead into the village, field headlands and undeveloped areas. Regarding SKDC grass verges as you approach the village, it is something SKDC already do, they tend only to cut the immediate verge and thus help the wildlife.

I am sure you all agree, we have a very beautiful village, maintained to an extremely high standard by some very proud people. I hope that by the lack of mowing that we don’t jeopardise any chance of winning the Best Kept Village competition! Of course, I may have misunderstood the recommendation announced via the PC minutes above.

Enjoy your Summer.