Home Farm Cottage – Main Sewer Connection

If anyone is wondering why Fenton Road has been intermittently closed, or down to a single lane opposite Home Farm Cottage, the reason is sewers. Home Farm Cottage is now directly connnected to the main sewer that runs along the opposite side of the road on Fenton Road.

It was also confirmed today that the Village Hall is also being connected to the main sewage system. Which is clearly a better solution than a Septic Tank.

For Information, we all believed that Home Farm Cottage and the Village Hall were having a replacement Septic Tank system installed as stated per the AGM of the Trust/HUB held on the 12th May 2022.

However, planning application states that Home Farm Cottage was always to be on main sewers, which is a much better solution. See Para 13 of  Application Form – 1948151