When we lived in the Cotswolds, I met Gray Elkington, whose father was a Spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain. After that first meet, I discovered he had a passion to keep his village of Little Rissington pristine.

It would appear that I wasn’t on my own as I used to regularly litter pick in the neighbouring village. Yes, I know there are annual litter picks organised by the Parish Council, which help immensely, but these are insufficient. Some of you say that SKDC should do it, but those that complain to our Parish Councillors know that we are wasting our time, we have to do it ourselves if we are to make progress.

Eden Enterprises solution is  set up weekly picks, they have done this  by organising a website to spread the word. The website is called Eden Enterprises and it’s something I think we should join. You can enter their programme here.

This is an extract from the Eden website:


We help parishes transform themselves by showing that litter is fixable: you can have a #pristineparish. This means cleaning up your parish yourselves and keeping it clean as Little Rissington has been doing since 2018. Once the legacy litter has been cleared, the task becomes a pleasurable brisk walk along set routes in the parish by individuals working alone who choose a day of the week (approx. 3.5 days after the last pick) and a time of day that suits them to go picking – with no need to assemble a team of volunteers on a set day and no need for expensive rolling roadblocks. As an example, see here for Little Rissington’s picking schedule. The program runs itself, with very little need for management – less than 10 minutes a week in Little Rissington.

We encourage people to think of their parish as an extension of their home, which they likely clean once or twice a week, and spot clean every day. Accordingly, following our program, your parish is cleaned twice a week.

The benefits are:

  1. Your parish is pristine all year round, and

  2. It requires no more man-hours than a mass annual pick