Dry Doddington Road Repairs

Yesterday, 22 July, Dry Doddington Road was being subjected to important repairs, specifically the filling of horrendous potholes by Council Staff.

Below is an extract from the Parish Council Minutes  of 23 June 2021 on this subject.

10.2 Doddington Lane – Cllr Crooks informed the council that a meeting had taken place the previous day with LCC highways department and Cllr Maughan. It was agreed by all parties that the road had significantly deteriorated since the previous meeting in 2018. Cllr Maughan stated he had requested a date for when a full survey of the road would be carried out. Information from this survey would determine accurately how much the road has deteriorated and would dictate what type of action may be taken. There was also agreement that some remedial work was required to repair the worst parts of the road.

Signage relating to horses and HGVs was discussed and deemed to be unsuitable and ineffective. Calming measures were also discussed and it was advised that these tend not to be used any more. It was agreed that signs highlighting the bend at the crossroads end of Doddington Lane could be installed subject to approval by the residents where they will be erected.

It was further proposed that businesses on the road should be contacted to get an estimate of the type and frequency of HGVs using it as well as any instructions given to drivers on the best way to access each business.