Draft Council Minutes – November 2020


Below is the link to the Draft Minutes of the November Parish Council Meeting.

Parish Council Minutes – 25 November 2020

It was myself that raised the question on why Stubton does not have it’s own Parish Council Website, unfortunately the minuted response shows a lack of understanding on why the question was raised. I would also like to add, the cost of hosting and managing the website is very cheap, once the domain is bought (in this case I believe given FOC by SKDC).

It was minuted that the “independent” village website does not have to be GDPR compliant, I honestly don’t know why this was even mentioned as this is not a Parish Council responsibility and as such is a private matter for the current owner of the site. Nevertheless, I do think it’s a great resource for the village and should be voluntarily complaint. Therefore, I strongly recommend that the forthcoming Council website is GDPR and WCAG compliant in an attempt to be future proof as this is a no cost option.

Website security (https) was commented on, would just like to say this website:  https://stubton.net is one of several websites I host for £25 per annum each and the SSL certificate is FOC, not at an extra expense as mentioned in the minutes. I am actually shocked to see the SKDC website is not secure, when it’s a no cost option.

Finally, really pleased to see that a PC website will be forthcoming in 2021 and that the PC believed associated e-mail addresses for councillors will be available. This is of course true, if you manage a domain, email addresses will be available.

Draft Council Minutes – November 2020