Doddington Lane/Clensey Lane update by Cllr Maughan

Doddington Lane/Clensey Lane update by Cllr Maughan given at the last Parish Council Meeting – 25 November 2020

Cllr Maughan sent the Parish Clerk the Condition index survey completed in 2019 which was circulated to the Parish Councillors prior to the meeting. The report shows that the threshold is still not met for more significant highway works. Potholes will be filled if reported and an attempt will be made to keep the highway as safe as possible. There will be another survey in 2021 (surveys every 2 years) which will give a better picture next year of the current condition of the road. The report does go beyond the surface conditions checking what is happening below the surface as well.

Comment: How disappointing, as the road is not fit for purpose and is dangerous. Waiting a year and writing a further report is bureaucracy gone mad, we know the state of the road without further updates. Will also request the Condition index survey completed in 2019 from the Parish Clerk.

BELOW are other points raised by Cllr Alexander Maughan

Report by  update  for Lincolnshire County Council Covid-19

The number of Covid patients across Lincoln County and Pilgrim hospitals has continued to rise in recent weeks which at one point led to a critical incident being declared. This however was very short-lived and was mainly due to staffing issues and was removed later the same day.

Overall the picture across Lincolnshire shows cases of coronavirus have moved closer to the National average with certain parts such as East Lindsey seeing high numbers in relation to that average. At the time of the meeting the last published data was from the 19th November but figures supplied to the County Council for the last 6 days show that cases have declined.

Despite this it is anticipated that Lincolnshire will come out of lockdown into Tier 3 of restrictions. Cllr Maughan expressed his preference for a District Tier system rather than a County wide one which would probably see South Kesteven moved to Tier 2 based on current data.

Additional support has been made available with grants up to the value of £3000 for businesses that have had to close during this latest lockdown. Further support will be made available on a discretionary basis for businesses that continue to be affected by the pandemic.

Devolution – Only a small number of councils were invited to submit devolution proposals and Lincolnshire was not included. Lincolnshire does however remain committed ]ed to local government reorganisation and devolution in the county. A business case is being prepared in readiness for the next wave of invita9ons from the Secretary of State.

Grantham Bypass – good progress has been made despite Coronavirus. Phase 2 (linking new roundabout to A1 trunk road) is due for completion in approximately 1 year. Preparations for Phase 3 (linking Somerby Hill roundabout to the new roundabout) are now complete with all funding in place and completion is expected in 3 years.

Meeting with Highways England re road safety – A1 through Lincolnshire is considered one of the worst stretches of road in the county and there is a push to

Improve  safety – Highways England seemed unconcerned by our concerns raised par9cularly with regard to the Toll Bar Road, Foston and Long Bennington junc9ons. Cllr Maughan has since met via zoom with local MP Caroline Johnson who has agreed to take this up with senior highway officials on our behalf. Follow up mee9ngs have taken place and an update is pending.

Council budget – The budget is on track to be balanced this financial year. A significant amount of extra funding has been received from central government which has been used to protect services and £800,000 has been spent on food support for vulnerable families and children across Lincolnshire. Please signpost people to the support as necessary. Parish Clerk has the details.