Cllr Maughan briefs Stubton Council on A1 Toll Bar Coffee Shop.

Below is the full extract and a link to the Source Documents. Campaign continues against A1 Toll Bar Road coffee shop proposal

Planning application S19/0735 proposal for a drive thru coffee shop at A1 Toll Bar Road Marston has been opposed unanimously by local Parish Councils, and includes a proposal to close the central reservation turning (onto Toll Bar Road/C001), but no slip road improvements.

I have been working with local District Councillor Ian Stokes in opposing the proposals. Whilst SKDC have supported the development in their report, we secured comments from Lincolnshire County Council and Cllr Richard Davies concerning road safety, which helped our case on highway safety grounds.

We have also identified a number of loopholes in the submissions by Highways England and the applicant.

Local MP Dr Caroline Johnson has also written to SKDC raising concern over the proposals.

The devastating accident rate of this junction coupled with the lack of consultation on the proposals for closing the right-turn remain a concern to us. For now, the application has been deferred awaiting further information from Highways England. You can read our comments and a summary of the issues to date helpfully published by the Grantham Journal:

District Councillor Penny Milnes, member of SKDC planning committee, has also been forensic in her scrutiny of the proposals.

If you want to see the full document please visit this page.