Best Kept Village Competition

The major finding by the competition judges was that Stubton has too many potholes and this was the main reason why the village failed to progress in the Best Kept Village competition.

The Parish Council rightly argued that this was out of their control and should have not been a factor. I understand why a judge would highlight potholes as the Stubton approach roads are blighted with potholes and damaged verges and it is clearly unfair that the village lost the competition because of potholes. However, I am sure this was only part off the real reason.

What is clear is that this village has a fantastic community spirit and a core of individuals who do a superb job of keeping the community grass and main public areas planted with lovely flowers, looking tidy and fit to win a competition. Hopefully, the village enters the competition in 2020, regardless of potholes because it has a great chance to succeed.

Last year I witnessed areas that could be improved through no fault of those dedicated people mentioned above. Grass verges near St Martins church, which are very badly damaged, the grass verges near the Village Hall and finally those on Dry Doddington Lane. Why not use some of the PC precept and install bollards to keep people off the public areas that vehicles should avoid?

Finally, I suggest that the grass (and hedges) should be cut as far back as the Village entry sign posts (or gates) as per other villages if we are to win.